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Digital Brews: Apps to help your coffee brewing

Digital Brews: Apps to help your coffee brewing

“Practice makes perfect”

That statement rings true when it comes to brewing your favorite cup of coffee. Experienced baristas and long-time home brewers may already have their favorite go-to recipes, but for a coffee aficionado that is just getting started, there are a great number of resources to help you with brewing at home.

Having the fancy pour-over kit, all-white kettle, and a Bluetooth scale might be on the wish-list of every aspiring brewer, but a little extra help goes a long way, and the following 3 apps should provide some good help in perfecting your brew. The apps presented are all free-to-download and should give you a varied experience and great practice to help you perfect that brew.

Filtru (Free: Android/iOS)

The Filtru app may be the newest one on the list but it probably possesses the nicest interface of the 3. All 3 apps provide brewing guides, but the Filtru app adds some great features like the ability to add your own brewing recipes, provides visual cues for grind size, and is compatible to pair with a variety of Bluetooth scales to help track your brewing. Apart from following their recommended guides, you can also choose to upload your own recipe and share it with other Filtru users.

Brewmaster (Free: Android/iOS)

The Brewmaster app comes to us from Acaia, makers of some of arguably the best Bluetooth brewing scales in the industry. Although Acaia has several apps available to download and pair with their scales, the Brewmaster app is designed to push you to log your brews and help you to monitor your progress in your brewing. The flipside to using the Acaia apps is that you will need to have an Acaia scale to pair with. (Free: Android/iOS)

The app is a popular choice on both iOS and Android app stores, and has a great selection of recipes depending on your preference. Apart from providing the several recipes and brew guides from the World Aeropress Championship, you can also mark your favorite recipes and log your own personal ones.

Words by Ryan Uy @thenameisrye

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