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Every Splash Counts

Every Splash Counts

Have you ever thought about how you consume water everyday? We use water in everything we do, not just drinking it to survive. We wash our clothes, take a shower, and cook with water but are we taking the clean water we have for granted? Do we have enough clean water for everyone? Not really.

An example of clean water scarcity becoming an epidemic was back in 2017 when Cape Town is counting down their days to “day zero”. Thankfully, the people from Cape Town were able extend “day zero” by cutting down their clean water wastage.

Non-profit organisations such as are fighting against the day where people have to face “day zero” especially for kids in underdeveloped cities. Kids have little to no control over the water they consume and up to 90% of diseases borne by kids are from contaminated water. By focusing on educating kids paired together with modern technology in areas where safe or clean water is scarce; cities like Kathmandu and Kolkata will be able to access clean water as urban density continues.

Since our inception, we want to give back to communities that matter. Splash works on projects in some of our favourite coffee producing countries such as Ethiopia, Thailand and India. By investing in and supporting the livelihood of the children from these countries, in our own little way, we are building a sustainable coffee future for everyone.

Further, water has been a ‘hot topic’ in the coffee industry for the past few years. In every cup of coffee you drink, the quality of water plays a significant role in the flavours you experience. It will take more than a journal entry to explain the effects of water to the beverage we all love, and we’ll get to that next time. Supporting Splash also re-emphasises the love and care we take when brewing a cup of coffee.

Clean water scarcity is a global issue, and in our own little coffee community, we are trying to make a difference. You too can support Splash with every Morning Discovery Box subscription. You can read more about our Discover Boxes here and Splash’s initiatives on their website here.

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