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Recipe 014: Citrus Coffee Fizz

Recipe 014: Citrus Coffee Fizz

Coffee with Lemon. This combination might make you wince at first glance, but it actually makes more sense than one might think! Coffee comes from a fruit, and can contain hundreds of flavour notes depending on origin and variety. Adding lemon to coffee, for instance, can amplify the citrusy notes in the beans. Only fitting then, that the Lemon Cherry Bar from Yardstick Coffee is this week’s recommended capsule for our recipe. The Citrus Coffee Fizz is a refreshing drink that will make you a believer, and might just be your favourite new soda!


- 40g or ml espresso (brewed from 1 capsule)
- 30ml fresh lemon juice (from one lemon)
- 15ml simple syrup
- 100ml of your favourite ginger beer (we used Fever Tree)
- halved lemon wedges for garnish
- 2-3 cubes of ice

Let’s begin with the simple syrup, if you do not have any on-hand. We do a simple 1:1 ratio of white sugar to warm water, mixing it until all the sugar dissolves. You can store this in the fridge for about a week.

Pull a shot of espresso into a small cup, and set it aside. Fill a 12oz highball glass with ice. Start by pouring the syrup into the glass. Pour in the lemon juice. Next, add the ginger beer. Then slowly pour the espresso to top off the glass. Garnish with two halves of a lemon wedge, and stick a straw in. Done carefully, the descending densities of the liquid ingredients will give you a drink with beautiful layers (for the gram!). After the obligatory photos, stir it all in and enjoy!

Recommended Capsule: Lemon Cherry Bar by Yardstick Coffee

Words & Photos by Jonathan Choi (@theheadbean)

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