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Vegan Friendly Dairy-free Dirty Chai Recipe

Vegan Friendly Dairy-free Dirty Chai Recipe

If coffee mixed with tea and non-dairy milk sounds like the furthest thing from tasty, this recipe will change your mind! Our Dairy-free Dirty Chai is vegan-friendly, but tastes nothing like a compromise, especially if you use quality ingredients! This week’s recommended capsule is the comforting House Blend from The Coffee Academics. We’ve opted for Macadamia milk because of its subtle nuttiness and largely transparent flavour profile, but feel free to substitute this with your favourite milk alternative. The finished cup is a treat, with a beautiful balance of coffee and warming spices.


- 30g or ml espresso (brewed from 1 capsule)
- 150ml Macadamia Milk (we used Milkadamia)
- 20ml chai concentrate
- 5g or 1 packet coconut sugar (omit if using a sweetened chai syrup)
- powdered cinnamon for garnish

Start by pulling a shot into a 6oz cup or mug. Add the chai concentrate and coconut sugar, then stir well into the espresso. Heat up the macadamia milk, either on the stovetop or microwave. We recommend stopping short of a simmer for the best flavour and milk texture. If you have a milk frother, use it to aerate the foam a little bit, which will enhance the drinking experience. Slowly pour the heated milk into the coffee and chai mix. Garnish with some cinnamon, and enjoy!

Words and image by @theheadbean

Recommended Capsule: House Blend by The Coffee Academics

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