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Encapsulating Excellence

why coffee capsules or coffee pods?

Specialty Coffee, from the beginning, has always preached provenance and process. Roasters and baristas have worked tirelessly to bring you excellence through their coffees. During that exchange, they share with you coffee’s nuances, as a result of farm-level practices, in addition to their roasting and brewing philosophies. To some, this brings intrigue and delight in the coffee drinking experience while some prefer to just sip some coffee without all the jargon.

Enter coffee capsules or ‘coffee pods’ depending on where you are in the world. This format has been around for a while now and it’s only recently that quality-focused roasters have explored this method of delivering their coffee. The movement is driven not only by quality but also accessibility. Since its inception, the capsule drinking audience have been accustomed to buying their capsules from a single source which has shaped their palate. Today, these Specialty Coffee roasters are sharing new coffees and flavours to that same audience without the theatrics, and sometimes snobbery, of Specialty Coffee.

Here’s why we believe capsules are here to stay:

  1. Choices aplenty - you can now choose, brew consistently and compare coffee in capsule format next to each other, which may be challenging with other brewing devices. Through this process, you will eventually find coffees that you enjoy drinking.
  2. Easy brewing - you can now indulge in high quality coffees without the complicated apparatus’ and steps (which often leads to faulty brews at home). The roasters can focus on bringing you the best ingredients, while you just press a button and watch the magic happen.

Capsules will continue to co-exist with other forms of coffee such as whole bean and instant. Encapsulating the finest coffees in a pod only means that you’re getting the best in the simplest form possible.

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