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Momos Coffee
Colombia Decaf

This coffee grown in the Cauca Popayan region possesses the typical Colombian coffee's flavour profile and a clean cup is still maintained even after the decaffeination process.

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.
* Any capsules labeled as a 'sale' item have a remaining shelf life of 2 to 8 months


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  • Best before   2024-12-06
Coffee notes
  • Tasting Notes
    Creamy, Dark Chocolate, Grapefruit
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness

Colombia Decaf


Coffee details

Momos Coffee

Momos Coffee is the gold standard for coffee in Busan. It is also home to Jooyeon Jeon, who was the winner of the 2019 World Barista Championships. Founded in 2007, Momos Coffee has grown into one of the biggest specialty coffee brands in South Korea. From just 140 sq ft of floor space, the operation now includes a barista academy, over 50 staff, a two-story bakery cafe, and a nationwide coffee distribution business.

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  • Type
  • Processing
    Sugar Cane Decaf
  • Origin
  • Varietal
    Caturra | Castillo
  • Roast level
  • Suitability
    Espresso, Milk Coffee, Long Black, Iced Coffee.
  • Others
    For the decaffeination process, the coffee undergoes a low-pressure steam treatment for 30 minutes before being introduced to ethyl acetate, a natural solvent extracted through fermenting water and sugar cane. After completing the decaffeination process, which involves the removal of caffeine by naturally binding to chlorogenic acid in coffee, the coffee is then subjected to low-pressure steam once again to thoroughly eliminate any remaining E.A.

On the Morning Machine

Brew Mode: Short Dark Roast

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