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Dream Cleaner Set

Elevate your coffee experience to the next level with our Cleaner Set, a dynamic duo that ensures your coffee equipment stays in top-notch condition. This bundle includes the Cafetto Renew Descaler and the Cafetto MFC Powder Eco, combining to give you the ultimate cleaning and maintenance solution for your cherished coffee gear.

Cafetto Renew Descaler

Cafetto Renew Descaler is a safe and effective descaling powder for coffee equipment. Descaling your machine removes lime and calcium deposits, improving the taste of your coffee and keeps your machine in good shape.

Cafetto MFC Powder Eco

Cafetto MFC Eco is an alkaline milk cleaner that excels in cleaning fats, oils, and proteins from automatic milk frothers. It is formulated for daily use to help prevent machine malfunctions due to clogs. Additionally, it is engineered to avoid leaving any unpleasant residual odors, ensuring that its presence remains undetectable after cleaning.

Pre-orders deliver October 2024.


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Dream Cleaner Set